Amazing Power Hack When Outdoors

If you love the great outdoors and you love to bring your phone, camera, GoPro, or any other electronic than you understand the greatest 21st century fear.  No where to charge anything!


So what are you supposed to do when you’re hiking, camping, or anything else outdoors?  You can bring a portable battery, but just like your device it will run out of charge and we’re back to square one.


What do you do to combat nowhere to charge?




No, we’re not talking about setting up a whole solar panel then sit around all day waiting for something to charge.  Instead we found something way better.


Browsing Amazon for rechargeable battery packs and gadgets to help extend our device’s battery life we found portable solar panels.


Here’s what they look like…


These amazing solar panels are flexible and super affordable!  Sitting around $62, over 1000 reviews, and 4.5 stars the solar panels are definitely with getting.


No longer are you bound to wall sockets and limiting your explorations because of electricity.  You can bring it with you!


A lot of buyers agree that even though they’re solar panels it won’t match a wall socket.  It won’t charge your device super fast, but there is a solution.


But let’s start off with how to utilize the panels before we get into solving problems.


Since the panels are flexible strap the solar panels to your backpack similar to a cover.  With four grommets placed in the corners it makes strapping it on super easy.


Below the panels is a small zipper pouch where you can place your device to charge it up and not worry about it getting knocked around.


So back to solving the slow charging problem.  Many people recommend buying a separate battery so as you’re going through your day the battery pack is charging from the panels.  Portable batteries will charge your devices much faster than directly plugged into the panels.


A great portable battery that carries a strong charge is the portable battery.

Slim in size and lightweight makes it a great addition to your solar panels.  Another great affordable price of $40 with over 11,000 reviews.


We totally recommend splurging on something like this you love to be outside, but also loving taking pictures, videos, or just feel more secure having a charged phone.


Safe travels and never stop exploring.

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